Friday, October 12, 2012

Let's catch up: Wisconsin edition

We've been wanting to take a trip to Wisconsin Dells FOR-EH-VAH. Finally did it! Also, swung north to visit Shawn's extended family, and his parents made the trip with us.

DAY 1: Drove to the Dells! Went to MagiQuest at the Great Wolf Lodge. (Not where we stayed, because hoo-boy! $$$!) We had gone to one of these during our summer trip to Gatlinburg, and Samuel had a blast, so we decided to try a different location. It was fun, but very very tiring because unlike the one in Tennessee, this one spans 4 stories, and you have to visit them all repeatedly. That is a LOT of stair-climbing! Of course, I mostly followed my little crawler around one the main level.

DAY 2: Took a tour of Lost Canyon. This was a fairly short, but very fun tour, and the canyon is beautiful. The tour is conducted via horse-drawn wagons.

Grandpa and Samuel got their picture taken with President Obama

Then we sampled the local cuisine at Paul Bunyan's Cook Shanty.

at Paul Bunyan's Cook Shanty

And, my favorite part of the trip, we took a boat tour of the Upper Dells. (Would have liked to do the Lower Dells, also, but didn't have time to do it all!) This tour was about 2 hours, and included a couple of stops where you could take short trails.


walking through Witch's Gulch

Walking through Witch's Gulch

view in Witch's Gulch

me and bebe

Samuel in Witch's Gulch

Stand Rock and the jumping dog

bad picture of me and the kids and a drainage hole

fam pic - thanks, passing photog!

Samuel and I determined that this was definitely certaintly some kind of rock

spot the sideways tree!

DAY 3: Played mini-golf! We love mini-golf, and it was a treat for us flatlanders to play somewhere that actually had an interesting terrain! Then we had our lunch delivered to us via train at Buffalo Phil's and stayed to play at the gigantic arcade.

DAY 4: Trekked up nort' to see the relatives. First on the agenda was a "hay ride" up to Butler Rock, but when we got there, there was a distinct lack of hay. That's okay, because what was on the wagon was better: couches. Definitely the way to go. Shawn's uncle towed the wagon with a tractor, and we had a fun crowd with his aunt and cousins and other family and friends on the ride and subsequent hike up the hill.

Me and Joseph

Me and Joseph

Me and my boys

Samuel and Grandma

Joseph's favorite toy: empty water bottle

pretty pretty trees

Samuel found a stick, as usual

Samuel and Grandpa check out the view

Samuel + trees

This lovely fall excursion was followed by dinner at the famous Shaffer's!

DAY 5: We went out for pizza (including reuben pizza, which sounds disgusting to me, but Shawn loved) at the Brothers Three with Shawn's cousin, then headed out to the family farm. All pictures taken that day were captured on Grandma's iPad, so you'll just have to imagine Samuel getting a tractor ride in the field, playing with the barn cats, goats, and calves, watching the cows getting milked, and getting splattered with cow poo. (Only a little, but it was a Very! Dramatic! Event!)

DAY 6: Embarked on the epic journey back home. By this time Joseph was really really really done with being in the car, and I was really really really done with the contortions necessary to nurse him in his carseat. He's still recovering. But, all in all, it was a great trip and we can't wait to do it again!

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