Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Let's catch up: State Fair edition

We went to the State Fair this year, since it wasn't TOO terribly hot. Well, it was terribly hot, just not as bad as the year that temps were around 100 degrees and I almost died. This year, I only almost almost died, courtesy of the hot little baby who spent the day napping (smart) while smushed up against me in the Ergo. Despite that and the pictures you are about to see, we had a great time! We really need to go more often than once every 5 years!

We were hot:

Samuel sweltering while waiting for the diving show

So hot:

Samuel crabby because he was SO HOT

And if you're wondering why I'm even blogging the event, since all I seem to have to show for it is pictures of crabby people, it's because I did get one cute one of baby and daddy:

Joseph and Daddy

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