Monday, October 15, 2012

Facebook Roundup 10/15/12

Samuel, sitting with Joseph in his lap: "This is the best part of the day." And, earlier: "Never trust anyone who doesn't like babies."
Samuel won't start his school work until his "school time" station is playing on Pandora. In case you're wondering, it's mostly movie soundtracks. I guess math problems are better solved to the Imperial March.
At ten months, Joseph: has three teeth! says "Yay!" while clapping! pulls a blanket over his head to play peek-a-boo! might be a little spoiled? ;)

Used up the last of the disposable diapers we got for our recent trip, so we switched back to cloth today. Joseph laughed and kicked with glee when he was wrapped in nice soft cotton instead of... whatever those other ones are made of. Guess we know his vote in the cloth vs. disposable debate! 

Shawn just hung up the pumpkin lights and Joseph was soooo excited. "Yi! Yi! Yi!" (That's "light".) He is going to freak out from sheer delight at Christmastime.

We took our light-obsessed baby through the Christmas display at Lowe's. He first stared in open-mouthed astonishment at the pre-lit trees and then he could not stop grinning and laughing!

Aaaaand now he's developed a fear of the vacuum cleaner. I know what you're thinking, Mom, but no, this is not the first time he's seen it in his 11 months of life. So, to review: artificial lighting = utter mind-blowing joy; vacuum cleaner = scary-scary-scary-mama-hold-me-we're-all-gonna-die. 

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