Thursday, October 18, 2012

Bedclothes theory 101

It's that time of year! The time when the blankets and comforters are pulled from their summer storage in heirloom cedar chests off the guestroom bed where they've been laying since May. And, once again, I feel the need to explain how to use them. 

What? I know, seems pretty straightforward, right? HOWEVER. Some people apparently do not think about what each layer is actually for. We typically just use a sheet when it's warm, then add layers as it gets colder. (Duh.) But, why keep the sheet when you have blanket and comforter piled on? It's not really adding that much in the way of warmth, right? Isn't it just one more thing to get tangled up in?

NO. The purpose of the sheet is TO KEEP THE OTHER LAYERS CLEAN. Because, while you can easily wash the sheet each week, and maybe the blankets, depending on your washer capacity, most comforters and quilts need to be dry-cleaned or taken to the laundromat.

Most of you with ovaries are probably sighing and wondering why this needs to be explained. Those of you in possession of a y-chromosome, read on.

Correct sleeping position:
Note the correct placement of the sheet, insulating the comforter from bodily contact.

Incorrect sleeping position:
Note the DRY CLEAN ONLY comforter stuffed up under the gross armpit AAARRRGGHH!
 Class dismissed.

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