Friday, September 14, 2012

Facebook Roundup 9/14/14

Yes, I am forcing myself to post at least one "real" post in-between these FB roundups. Can't let myself cheat TOO much.

Took a bath with Joseph, had the following conversation.
Me: "Let's not kid ourselves, you most likely peed in here. I'm okay with that. But do you have to keep trying to drink the bath water?"
Joseph (What he actually said was "AH BAH DAH BDAH BDAH!" but I'm pretty sure my maternal Babelfish is working here): "Yes. Yes, I do."
Me: "Fair enough."

 Clingy baby required that I dig out my old ring sling from Samuel's baby days to make breakfast this morning. How did I ever wear a baby in that thing so much??? My back is killing me! I don't care how much Joseph wants to watch the bacon sizzle next time, he is going on my back in the Ergo or Didymos!

If you'd like to hear Samuel embark on a fairly entertaining ten-minute rant, ask him what he thinks about that "Call me, maybe" song. "She even SAYS it's crazy! She JUST MET HIM. But she's going to give her phone number to a COMPLETE STRANGER and tell him to CALL HER? Is she STUPID?"

Bad idea: on your way home from a weekend trip, drop husband off at work and head home, forgetting that when we leave for a weekend he always locks the storm door... and you don't carry that key. Oops. Glad my in-laws live nearby and were happy to provide refuge.

Kids are playing "AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH". Why yes, it's played exactly how it sounds.

And, you've got to see this:

I actually have more to say about that, but I'll save that for another post! 

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