Monday, July 09, 2012

winners never cheat and cheaters never win... unless they play with Samuel

We hiked to this waterfall, and it was uphill both ways.

(Interspersed with pics from our recent trip.)

 checking out the clown fish

Recently, Samuel was asked to play a couple of board games by a relative who is several years younger. I could tell that Samuel really wasn't interested, but he was polite and obliged. I was observing nearby, and had to restrain myself from laughing as I realized just how outrageously the other boy was cheating! At the end of the first game, in which he blatantly stole money from the "bank" and from Samuel (seriously, he "dropped" one of his bills on Samuel's stack and instead of taking just his money back, he lifted the entire stack of Samuel's money), he crowed, "I won by a LOT!" Samuel just stared at him and said, "Yep."

taking a break on our hike up the mountain

When the boy left the room to get a different game, I talked to Samuel about it. He was totally baffled, not sure if the boy was actually cheating that boldly or was just really incompetent due to being younger. I pointed out that he had absolutely no trouble counting his money at the end, and it all clicked together in Samuel's mind. Still, he wisely assessed that making an issue of it would most likely only result in the boy throwing a fit, and proceded to sit through a couple more rigged games, patiently losing.


I did feel bad for Samuel, as he was clearly not having fun, but I wish I had a recording of his face and deadpan reaction every time the other boy would exclaim over his "achievements": "Oh, look, I spun a five!" (Exactly what he needed, after "adjusting" the spinner.) "Yep." "Ooh, I won AGAIN!" "Yep." It was all very funny, but I was also very proud of Samuel for having the maturity to just go with it instead of squabbling over what was fair.

communing with the jellyfish

My first baby is growing up!

what a weird fish

Or not.

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