Saturday, July 28, 2012

Facebook Roundup 7/28/12

Still cheating instead of blogging.

When Samuel and I first watched this, he said, "I THOUGHT I WAS THE ONLY ONE WHO THOUGHT THAT ABOUT COLORS!" and I said, "ME TOO!"

Samuel, pushing Joseph in a laundry basket: "Look Mommy! It's the Pope in his Popemobile!"

Dear Everyone,
Ownership of an iPhone does not make you a master photographer, and posting a filtered picture of every taco you eat to Instagram is not art.
Sincerely, A Crabby Friend

Earlier today at Cracker Barrel: "Samuel, what are you going to get?" "Pretend you're the waitress." "Okay, what will you be having, sir?" "Chicken-fried chicken." "And your sides?" "Fried apples, dumplings, and hash brown casserole." "How about something green?" "You're the waitress, not my mother!"

Got to play "Spot That Roadkill" on 45 today, trying to figure out what Shawn hit coming home last night. Answer: the world's largest raccoon. Which may have been decapitated. You're welcome, local farmers.

So the Cranberries' "Zombie" just came on Pandora, inspiring my husband to lurch into the room and pretend to eat my brains. #imarriedaweirdo

Isn't it odd how certain words sound funny to different people? I remember laughing hysterically as a child when my father referred to someone "wolfing down their food" and now Samuel dissolves into giggles at the mention of the word "dollop".

Shawn and Samuel were reading about mythology (something about runes) in the other room, with Joseph. Apparently Joseph spit up, because suddenly I heard, "AAAAAAH!" "Oh no!" "Ewwwwww!" "Where's the rune for that?" "We need a vomit rune!" "Ohhhhhhh!" "Ick!" "Let's give him to mommy!" "Can I take this shirt off first?" Shortly afterward, a shirtless Samuel delivered a bewildered Joseph to me. :)

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