Sunday, May 27, 2012

fancy eatin'

So I've been feeling all creative in the kitchen lately. I mean, did you SEE my granola post? I'm not normally the type to alter a recipe, so all this throwing caution to the wind is new for me. Last week, I was craving jerk chicken. No big departure from the recipe there, the only difference from what we usually do is I decided to crock-pot it instead of grilling so it would be more saucy. Two thumbs up there. My recipe uses chili sauce, sauteed chopped onions, lime juice, brown sugar, ginger, allspice, and cayenne. Mmmmm.

Just thinking about it got me all inspired, so I decided to make coconut-lime rice with it (2 cups water, 1 can coconut milk + enough lime juice to make another 2 cups of liquid, 2 cups brown rice), and then things got really crazy when I decided the meal needed something... else.  Something... with sweet potatoes. And black beans. And cloves. So I made Sweet Potatoes and Black Beans with Cloves (ingredients: sweet potatoes, black beans, cloves. Oh, and sweet onions.) Everything was good, but the sweet potato dish was a bit lacking, so that was remedied on Day 2 (because I always try to make enough for two dinners) with the addition of a little brown sugar.  Even Samuel said it was alright then.

Finally, because I don't know when to quit once I start on a theme, I made baked pineapple for dessert, which turned out really good.  We ate it by itself the first night, and had it with vanilla ice cream the second night.  Good both ways.  This one is also super-simple: chop up some fresh pineapple into individual oven-safe bowls.  Sprinkle liberally with brown sugar.  You may think that putting brown sugar on fresh pineapple is gilding the lily, to which I say, maybe, but when you're gilding with brown sugar, even the lily won't mind too much.  Top with shredded coconut, pop in the oven (I used the toaster oven) on 350 for 10-15 minutes (I dunno, I didn't time it) until the top is nice and browned and it's heated through.  Eat yours, hope your son doesn't like it so you can eat his, be disappointed when he does.

If you're wondering if this is going to turn into a recipe blog, well don't.  All those improvised recipes in one meal wore my creativity out.  I'm going to go lie down now.

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