Monday, May 28, 2012

Facebook Round-up

In Which I re-post highlightsof the stuff that I posted on Facebook instead of blogging, going back until I get bored.

Did you know that if your baby slobbers up some colored paper, the dye will get on his face? A few days ago, he got into a sheet of hot pink, and looked like he had a beard of sunburn, and today he found yellow and looks jaundiced. 

So, in another semi-annual ritual, I was using my feather duster. Samuel asked whether the feathers were real, and I explained to him about how the ostrich feathers don't have oils, so they allow a build-up of static charge, which makes the dust stick. When I went outside to shake out the dust, he said, "Wait, I thought the dust stuck to the feathers. Oh, I know - you reversed the polarity." #toomuchsci-fi

At the library today, I noticed a couple of books that had been reinforced with binding tape, with the title re-written in marker on the spine: "Ann of Green Gables" and "Ann of the Island". Apparently, that librarian is NOT a kindred spirit. Anne-with-an-E!!! 

Shawn agreed to lector at the 7:30 Mass today, so we all had to drag ourselves out of bed much earlier than usual. As we were stumbling about getting ready to go, Samuel asked, "Do I wear a long-sleeved shirt or a short-sleeved shirt?" I told him short-sleeved in a rather exasperated tone (hey, it was early), and he said, "Well, I didn't know if it was chilly this morning!" I told him, "Samuel, it was ninety freakin' degrees yesterday." Shawn helpfully added, "And when you convert from Freakin' to Fahrenheit, that's REALLY hot." 

Well, thank goodness the baby isn't afraid of the vacuum cleaner. Because if he was, he'd be very unhappy, like, 2 or 3 times a year. 

More praise for babies from Samuel: "I like how they roll around... and how they try to eat your knee." 

So we were looking at the Greek alphabet. Samuel says, "Hey, alpha and omega! I've heard that in the Bible!" I ask him if he knows what that means, and he replies, "Yeah, the beginning and the end... the A and the Z... the call button and the hang-up button." 

Samuel: "I like baby cheeks and baby noses and baby tummy rolls and baby noises and baby faces... I like babies! Can we have more babies?" 

Samuel can't claim that the dog ate his homework, but his brother almost did. 

Why did God make babies so darn cute? I'm pretty sure it's to make up for when they spit up in your eye. 

You know the baby is hungry when, as soon as Daddy hands him over, he excitedly tries to latch on to your face.  

Samuel just announced to me that Sir Crabby-Butt the Tiny is fussy. Well, he may be fussy, but at least he has a fancy title, right?

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