Tuesday, January 26, 2010

the two lists

I just had to link to this article at InsideCatholic: The Two Lists. It is simply brilliant:

I started to see the catastrophic mistake our society had made when we started believing that the life-giving potential of the sexual act could be safely forgotten about as long as people use contraception. It would be like saying that guns could be used as toys as long as there are blanks in the chamber. Teaching people to use something with tremendous power nonchalantly, as a casual plaything, had set women up for disaster.

Go read the rest here.

HT: Creative Minority Report

Saturday, January 23, 2010

How to tell when it is time to turn off the lights and go to bed already

Because sometime after midnight, people start getting silly and conversations go like this:

SAMUEL: I'm dead. I'm in purgatory, so you guys have to give me a penance.

ME: So you can get out of purgatory and go to heaven?


SHAWN: Hmm, well, you could skip lunch tomorrow.

SAMUEL: Skip lunch? But I'll DIE.

ME: I thought you were already dead. You're in purgatory, remember?

SAMUEL: Oh. Right.

Saturday, January 09, 2010

Things I Have Posted On Facebook Instead Of Blogging Them Here

... because it's just so darn much easier. In reverse chronological order, here are the highlights from my Facebook profile going back until I got tired of it.

Tracy Reeves A pair of woodpeckers (snowy or downy? haven't checked the field guide yet) have joined the cardinals as regular feeder guests, along with a flock of juncos and one obnoxious squirrel who did a fireman impression today when he tried to jump up the pole only to slide back down.

Tracy Reeves So far, the squirrel has not returned to the feeder since Samuel scared it away, allowing us to enjoy the cardinal pair who visits us daily. Samuel named the male Thomas and his birdie-wife Lucy.

Tracy Reeves If your child: draws a picture of a robot, and when you accidentally tear the picture, informs you that you have ripped a tear in the robot's space-time continuum... he might be watching too much sci-fi.

Tracy Reeves With the sunset reflecting off their bellies, it looked like a flock of pink geese just flew over the house.

Tracy Reeves Samuel tried to tackle me, and when I overcame him with tickles, he cried out in his defense, "It wasn't me! It was the Precious that made us do it!"

Tracy Reeves Yesterday, Elvis came up in conversation. (Don't ask.) Samuel replied, "I don't even know who Elvis is. I mean, I assume he's an elf." Today at Target, I spied an Elvis Christmas CD (which I TOTALLY want) and showed it to him. Upon reading the name, he said, "Well... he doesn't have pointy ears...."

Tracy Reeves Math with Samuel: "Well, to add 7 and 7, each 7 is made up of a 3 and a 4, so the two 4s make 8 and the two 3s make 6. A 6 is also three 2s, so you can take one of those to add to the 8 to make 10, and that leaves 4, so 10 plus 4 is 14." Yes, he can do it much faster, but this is more fun for him, apparently.

Tracy Reeves Samuel woke up, dragged himself upstairs and into my lap, informed me that he does not need to sleep anymore, and promptly fell asleep again.

Tracy Reeves My son was amazed that I somehow knew that he'd been eating chives in the garden again. Maybe I'm psychic. Or maybe he needs an Altoid.

Tracy Reeves decided to celebrate the feast of St. Pio by attempting to bilocate this morning. Thought it would be nice to sleep in WHILE I got up to get a shower. Totally did not work. Will pray harder next time.

Tracy Reeves is thinking that math would go much faster if Samuel didn't insist on drawing alligator teeth on all the less-than and greater-than symbols. Oh, well, at least he's having fun.

Tracy Reeves had to explain to Samuel that just because we are eating popcorn while watching today's Math-U-See video does NOT mean that we will always get popcorn with math. He was rather disappointed.

Tracy Reeves As if Borders suggesting that I buy Dan Brown's new novel wasn't funny enough, Facebook is now suggesting I become a fan of the White House. I assume they don't mean the building itself...

Tracy Reeves Oh, Borders Rewards, how little you know me. Trying to sell me the latest Dan Brown novel! Ha!

Tracy Reeves wonders if she should be concerned that her son is trying to make a blow dart, and also whether she should have aided his endeavor just now.

Tracy Reeves Just busted Samuel for running all over the neighborhood with bare feet. His excuse? "But... I'm a hobbit!!!"

Tracy Reeves Samuel is playing the Lord of the Rings theme song on his kazoo.

Tracy Reeves needs to stop catching her potholders on fire.

Tracy Reeves thinks it has probably been years since Samuel got dressed without simultaneously bouncing on the bed.

Tracy Reeves is not always the most consistent shopper herself, but she still had to laugh when the woman behind her in the checkout line was buying a gallon of organic milk and a block of Velveeta.

Tracy Reeves always forgets that she has clothes on the line until it is time for bed. Hope it doesn't rain tonight.