Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Samuel the Wise

On the way home today:

ME: Stay out of the mud!

(I assure you that I am usually the cool mom who lets her child get wet and muddy, but we were about to get in the car and I didn't want him tracking mud in.)

SAMUEL: Oh, come on, you think I'd really step in the mud?

ME: Yes.

SAMUEL: (huffs indignantly)

ME: Well, I don't exactly trust you after the time that you went outside, took off your rain boots, splashed through a mud puddle in your socks, and then put your boots back on.

SAMUEL: (dismissively) Oh, I was young then!

Um, yeah. It was a whole 10 months ago:

I guess 10 months is an eternity when you are almost-nine.