Friday, January 23, 2009

7 Quick Takes Friday

1. So, this is the new meme going around, and I think I'm the last one in the blogosphere to join.

2. Hey, it's been a while since I posted, eh? Holidays and all. My house still looks like the Christmas tornado hit it. I mean, all most of the decorations are put away piled in the guest room, but there are still gifts here and there that we haven't found a home for. Plus I took a little Christmas vacation from laundry that I am still regretting, and my kitchen sink has frozen no less that three times, causing an involuntary vacation from doing dishes as well. Yes, I could haul them up to the bathroom and wash them in the bathtub. But I don't.

3. It is above freezing here today and the snow is melting! Woo! Of course, I think it's supposed to be really cold again in a few days, but let's enjoy this brief respite, shall we? At least it won't be getting really really cold this time, like it was a couple weeks ago. Which means maybe, just maybe, my sink will not freeze!

4. I need a teapot. I would like to be able to brew more than one cup at a time so I don't have to keep trekking to my very cold kitchen every time I need a refill. Then I will need a cozy for my teapot to keep it warm. Anyone have a good pattern to knit one? (Note to my mother in the event that she reads this: we need to go teapot shopping at your nifty tea store next time I'm there.)

5. We have rediscovered some of our games here lately. Our new favorites are Yahtzee!, Battleship, and Mille Bornes. Samuel wants to try Monopoly tonight. I hate Monopoly. I secretly hope that he will hate Monopoly so that he won't want to play it ever again. I promise not to sabotage the game in order to make him hate it. I will just silently hope.

6. Doesn't Father Cantalamessa have the Best Name Ever? It means "sings the Mass". I want Samuel to grow up to be a priest who will of course have excellent liturgical taste and, thanks to Heath, will be able to chant beautifully. Then he can change his name to Cantalamessa, too.

7. I think I have pictures to share. I'm not sure. I can't remember the last time I saw the camera. I know that I didn't get as many at Christmas as I wanted to. I never do. I tend to forget about taking pictures until all that's left is a wasteland of wrapping paper scraps. I also wanted some nice pictures of Samuel in the snow, but it was cold out and I am a wimp so that didn't happen either.

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