Friday, September 18, 2009

and now for something completely different

We've been watching "Monk" through Netflix lately, and we recently saw an episode in which Monk's assistant, Natalie, got a job that made her more famous and popular than her boss. He didn't like that very much, and one of his colleagues teased him, saying, "You're Garfunkel!" I chuckled, and didn't think any more about it. But then, as I've been listening to my Simon and Garfunkel CD, I wondered, what if Garfunkel watches "Monk"? Does he have the sort of sense of humor that he thinks that was funny, or did he find that hurtful and offensive? I can't imagine being someone famous and encountering people making fun of you when you least expect it, perhaps while relaxing to a favorite television show after a long day. It is probably silly of me to worry about it, but I just wanted to say, wherever you are Art, I hope you're feelin' groovy.


Kate said...

I think about Art Garfunkel a lot, now that you mention it. I adore my "Concert in the Park" CD, so that's probably why he's in my thoughts a so much.

I think that it must have been extremely difficult for him to have been in the shadow of such an immense songwriting talent like Paul Simon, and I can see why the relationship crumbled over time. Without tremendous (i.e. superhuman!!) humility, being second *all* the time would be really hard to deal with.

I don't know that he can play any instruments, either, which has to make it that much harder!

I feel his pain. I'm a singer, but I can't play any instrument well. There's a joke amongst instrumentalists that so-and-so is "a singer, not a musician". Ouch!

I would LOVE to record a song with Art, now that I think about it. D'ya think he'd be up for it?????? :)

Tracy said...

That's a duet I'd love to hear, Kate!