Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Ted and Mo

Samuel has decided that's what he likes to call his parents.

A couple of years ago, he started calling Shawn "Teddy", because he said that his daddy was like a big teddy bear. He has called him that off and on, and recently has shortened it to "Ted".

A few months ago, he started calling me "Mo-Mo" instead of "Mama", I think just because he thought it sounded funny. That stuck, too, and he's shortened it to "Mo".

People must think that we're really weird when he calls us that in public, but I'm so used to it now that I really don't even think twice about it. I guess I can't really complain, since I call him "Shmoo" half the time!

finally got a nice family photo

Mo, Shmoo, and Ted in a rare family picture

and then Samuel got goofy

And here's what happens when Samuel has too much fun with the camera.

I hope he does this for his driver's license photo in 8 more years

I hope he does this when he gets his driver's license picture taken in 8 years.

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