Friday, February 27, 2009

when you don't know what to write...

... just do a meme!

1. My poor, neglected blog. Here's where I've been. (HT: Marie - on Facebook, of course!)

2. I really really really want winter to GO AWAY, but at the same time, it's hard to be Lent-y when flowers are blooming everywhere.

3. Samuel and I have been doing the Journey North project, although we're already behind. Oh, well. He's having fun calculating photoperiods and graphing them. It is nice to see our sunlight increasing!

4. I am probably spending way too much time reading about politics. I feel physically ill every time I learn something new about the "stimulus" bill, CPSIA, what they're doing to health care, etc.

5. Well, that one was depressing, so let's pretend everything is fine and move on, shall we? Let's see, we went to Mass on Ash Wednesday and were not subjected to the song "Ashes"! You have no idea how huge this is for our parish!

6. Samuel is having lots of fun learning Gregorian chant from Heath. He would like Gregorian chant at every Mass, please.

7. I have started veiling at Mass. I have been feeling called to for a long time, but just never really got up the nerve to start doing it, so I decided that it would be part of my Lenten penance to start. I am sure that after a while it won't be a big deal, I'll just be that weird lady who veils and that'll be that, but right now I can feel everyone staring, whether they actually are or not. Now that I've announced it, I can't chicken out, right?

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