Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Ouch! A bee!

I finally uploaded a picture of myself for my Blogger profile. Took me long enough! We have almost no pictures of me, so I finally just took one myself. Before this one, the best one I had was probably one from a couple Christmases ago, where I am in my pajamas and am displaying a book I'd just received. I didn't realize until trying to get a flattering shot of myself how much rounder my face is than it was not so very long ago.

That reminds me of a priest I knew who was going to see his sister for the first time in many years, and had gained weight in the interim. He asked me, "Do you think she'd buy it if I tell her I got stung by a bee and I'm real allergic?" Well, it's too cold for bees here, so I guess that excuse won't work for me!

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