Monday, December 08, 2008

Christmas music: the dark side

As a counterpoint to the last post I shall now complain about my most-despised Christmas song ever. It is, of course, "The Christmas Shoes". (Yes, I know I already complained about "The Christmas Song". But that song is NOTHING compared to "The Christmas Shoes".)

Isn't this song awful? But I bet it made you cry anyway. That's just part of it's evil power. What I want to know is, what kind of shoes did he buy? Nike trainers? Bejeweled flip-flops? Thigh-high black leather stiletto boots? Really, can you picture ANY shoes that would be appropriate for this poor, bed-ridden woman? She is DYING, people! Who cares about a pair of silly shoes?
And, for the record, should I suddenly acquire a terminal illness, I'll take a pair of these:
...since, being bed-ridden and all, it won't matter that I probably can't walk in them.

Until then, these are on the top of my list:


Becky said...

You definitely want to buy those Danskos. Worth every penny! Mine aren't that style, but they are that color. Best shoes I ever bought!

- Becky

Tracy said...

I actually do have a pair of Danskos - the stapled clogs - in that color! I love them also! They are so comfy, and that color is so perfect because I can wear it with black and brown. The ones I pictured above are not as practical, probably (can't see myself wearing those in the middle of winter) but they sure are cute!

Kate said...

Those pink things sure are gorgeous. I don't believe that it's possible to walk in them, though. Nope.

It's funny, as soon as I scrolled to the brown ones, they looked EXACTLY like something you would wear. They have your name on them!

Myself, I'm coveting a pair of Converse. Classy shoes, those. :)

LLMom said...

I hate that song too. My dc said it was rated one of the most depressing songs ever. Not sure where they heard that but...

molly said...

I HATE that song! I have to pull the car over when it comes on the radio, naturally my mind wanders to what if that was my little boy. Ok, getting choked up even now.
Happier note, go for the Danskos. I would, but, I am tall already. 6', these make me about 6'2 and I feel like a giant.