Monday, December 08, 2008

Christmas music: the dark side

As a counterpoint to the last post I shall now complain about my most-despised Christmas song ever. It is, of course, "The Christmas Shoes". (Yes, I know I already complained about "The Christmas Song". But that song is NOTHING compared to "The Christmas Shoes".)

Isn't this song awful? But I bet it made you cry anyway. That's just part of it's evil power. What I want to know is, what kind of shoes did he buy? Nike trainers? Bejeweled flip-flops? Thigh-high black leather stiletto boots? Really, can you picture ANY shoes that would be appropriate for this poor, bed-ridden woman? She is DYING, people! Who cares about a pair of silly shoes?
And, for the record, should I suddenly acquire a terminal illness, I'll take a pair of these:
...since, being bed-ridden and all, it won't matter that I probably can't walk in them.

Until then, these are on the top of my list:

Christmas music meme

I've been tagged by Wendy at Zoom Times!

If you were trapped on a desert island and it was Christmas and all you had was a small generator, Christmas lights for your coconut tree, an endless supply of Christmas cookies and eggnog, your CD player and 6 Christmas CDs , which 6 albums would you want them to be? If you can find Amazon links, we can listen to snippets...

My answers:

Okay, before I give answers, I need to tell you that we really don't own very much Christmas music, and I'm not familiar with CDs we don't own! Most of what we have we picked up on clearance after checking to be sure that it was all (or at least mostly) religious music and did not include "The Christmas Song", which I hate. (Sorry.) I prefer the traditional stuff mostly. Oh, and I don't like instrumental stuff, I want words!

So, what I'm trying to say here is that I don't know if these are my favorites, but this is what we've got!

1. The Gregg Smith Singers - I have no idea who these people are. Nice CD, though. Covers most of the "basics".
2. Traditional Sounds of Christmas - this is a boxed set that has 3 CDs. I think one of them is instrumental, so we only listen to the other 2.
3. Bing Crosby's White Christmas - we actually have 2 CDs with this title, with different songs. I haven't listened much to either to tell you which is better, but they both seem nice.

That's pretty much it. We listen to the radio a lot, because there are stations around here that play nothin' but Christmas music from Black Friday to Christmas, so we do get more variety, we just don't own it. Anyway, I would like to expand our collection, so here are some things I'd LIKE to have - any suggestions on these would be most welcome!

4. a Gregorian chant CD
5. something with "Sing We Now of Christmas" which I love even more now that I finally heard the whole thing, thanks to Heath, and no thanks to Michael W. Smith.
6. something with more obscure traditional songs from different cultures

And you know what else I would LOVE? An Advent CD. With songs like O Come, O Come Emmanuel and The King Shall Come When Morning Dawns and stuff like that. Does one of those exist???

Okay, I think I totally destroyed that meme with my lameness, but I'll try to pick up the pieces here and tag a few folks:

Heath and Shannon (I expect to hear from both of you!)

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Do you think he has low self-esteem?

While snipping the tags off the new Christmas washclothes I bought at Sears...

ME: Look! Now you can use these to wash your little face!

SAMUEL: You mean my little cute face?

I'm an all-or-nothing kind of gal.

I like having a nice seasonal picture up there on my header, but unfortunately, it comes with the crushing responsibility of having to change it. The fall leaves weren't exactly current anymore, as I look out my window at all the snow. I thought about changing the page colors, too, to a lovely purple Advent theme, but then I'd have to change it to pink in two weeks and then back to purple, and then to white and gold, and then I'd have the dilemma of going back to my familiar ol' blue or to green during OT, or maybe I could use the blue for Marian holidays, oooooh and green for St. Patrick's Day, and I could put up pictures of the Saints on their Feast Days and relevant novena prayers, and, and...

I think I'll stick with blue. For now.