Friday, September 12, 2008

maybe it's good that I forgot the camera

Yesterday was very busy for us. We only have one reliable vehicle at the moment, and it's not even ours. (Three cheers for in-laws who live very close and don't care if you borrow their van for, um, forever!) So, we had to drive daddy to work if we wanted to go anywhere, and we certainly had places to go! After dropping him off, we went to Pontious Farm and spent the morning picking raspberries. I love picking there - it is very addictive. I always see one more ripe cluster that I just can't resist. We picked three pounds, not counting what Samuel ate off the bushes, which was considerable. I paid for four, in the hopes of compensating. When we were done, we were a filthy mess, as things were fairly damp. Samuel looked like he'd been wading in mud puddles up halfway up to his knees. Not to mention the raspberry juice smeared all over his face. We saw lots of cool insects there. While not certified, Pontious Farm uses organic practices, so there's no lack of nature buzzing about you as you pick. We had fun watching the honeybees, bumblebees, butterflies, and grasshoppers. (Well, Samuel liked the grasshoppers. I could do without those.) We also saw a huge black and yellow orb spider.

We had brought a picnic lunch, so we ate there as the first raindrops of the day began, and then we headed off to the mall. Picked up dh's contacts, got Samuel some new socks, and browsed the kitchen store. They had a display of Halloween items up - skull candy dishes, pumpkin linens, severed finger cheese knives, etc. It was quite possibly the first time in history that a mother had to drag her seven year old out of a kitchen store instead of the other way around.

Went shoe shopping, which was slightly embarassing, because did I mention how dirty we got berry picking? Especially our feet? And I was wearing sandals? Ugh. But I did find these.

Then we went to meet some out-of-town friends and some in-town friends at the local nature center. (Decided not to meet at the park due to the rain - wouldn't want to get wet and dirty!) The kids played inside for a while, and then wanted to go out, and since the rain had stopped, the moms agreed. Kids proceeded to play in the woods and get even dirtier. And wetter. (Hence the title of this post.)

Went to meet dh for dinner. Walked to Chipotle, and Samuel could not ride on dh's shoulders like usual because his feet were so muddy he would have gotten dh's shirt all dirty and dh still had work to do. Hung out at the Newman Center while dh ran the RCIA program. Went to 9pm Mass, where I was very grateful that they keep the lights low so that no one noticed how dirty my son was. Wished that I was one of those moms who is foresighted enough to bring extra clothes on days like this. Went home and collapsed!


Marie said...

Sounds like a beautiful day!

Jennifer said...

Tracy - sounds like fun! I wish I had remembered you were going to be at the Nature Center. We actually were in town with nothing to do (something got cancelled last minute). My kids would have loved the MUD too!!!