Thursday, September 04, 2008

a butterfly is born

First, I finally got a picture of the chrysalis so that you can see the gold accents. Still not the best quality - but better than nothing.


Next, a picture just before it hatched. The green fades to transparency the day before so that you can see the butterfly within.

almost ready!

And here it is newly hatched! This one is a girl - you can tell because her black "veins" are thinner and she lacks a pair of black spots on her rear wings.

newly hatched!

Here is another view - her wings are still dark and damp.

different view

In this photo, the wings are drier, lighter, and you can see the the inner pair has more fully extended.

drying out

After I took this photo, we carried her outside on the stick which we stuck in our whiskey barrel planter near some flowers. She rested in the sunshine for a couple of hours before flying away!

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