Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Air Show!

Like any other child growing up in the Air Force, I have been to a LOT of air shows. Now we get to share this family tradition with Samuel!

Here he is next to one of the tanker planes. (Sorry, I don't remember the official names of most of these aircraft!) He liked these "flying gas stations".

Samuel at the airshow

Here's what my dad used to fly:

hey, there's what Granddaddy used to fly

Here he is giving Samuel his first flying lesson:

here's how you work the controls...
now it's Samuel's turn to fly

Here's what my cousin Jason flies:

Cousin Jason flies these

Samuel's not sure about keeping track of all of those controls!

Cousin Jason has to keep track of all these controls???

But he gives it a try anyway.

look out below!

We got to watch several flight demonstrations while we looked at the static displays, including a B-52 bomber, another tanker, a bi-plane with a wing walker, an F-15, and a WWII plane. Then came the main attraction, the Thunderbirds! I tried to take pictures, but it was cloudy, so there is not a good contrast between the jets and the sky, and, well, they fly fast! Most of my pictures are blurred, and that's if I managed to catch them in the frame at all! I did get this one of all six Thunderbirds in formation.


In addition to my dad (retired) and my cousin (active), dh's parents were both in the Air Force, and his brother currently is. We are definitely an Air Force family!

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