Saturday, August 16, 2008

there are more caterpillars than people in this house

Dh mowed the backyard yesterday, and we had sprigs of milkweed vine popping up all over. So, he checked each one to be sure that he wasn't mowing over more caterpillars. He ended up finding two more caterpillars and an egg! We are going to be a butterfly zoo! Here are Feed-Me (the oldest caterpillar), an as yet unnamed caterpillar that looks to be about a day old, and the egg. Now you can really see how much they grow in less than a week!

they just keep coming...

Our garden is doing well this year. We have zuchinni for the first time ever, bell peppers, chili peppers, tomatoes, basil, rosemary, cilantro, and chives.

bell pepper

My bell peppers are finally getting ripe. Hmm, think I need to weed???

We also bought gerber daisies for the front yard, and found some sort of squash vine growing up in them, so we moved it to the backyard. We just found a gourd of some kind on the vine! It is small and white now, so I am excited to see what kind it becomes.

mystery gourd

We also had some sort of vine pop up around our compost bin, and now it has a melon on it!

mystery melon

One more surprise: our neighbor puts out corn for the squirrels, and they planted some in our yard, so we have a couple of corn stalks, too. I love garden surprises!

surprise corn!

Our blackberry bush performed wonderfully this year. We had bowls full of huge berries - more than enough for a pie, although they never made it that far. it sent up so many new shoots this year, that next year we should be able to have plenty for a pie and snacking.

last of the blackberries

One more thing we planted this year was a sunflower mix. They are growing beautifully, as you can see!

more sunflowersred sunflowerquite a varietybig bloomlemon sunflowerSamuel and the sunflowers

The sunflowers even look cool when they haven't opened yet.

on the verge

One more: my favorite daylilies.

my favorite daylilies
Sorry for the picture-heavy post! Just couldn't pick and choose when it came to all the flowers. :)

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Jennifer said...

The sunflowers are gorgeous! I never have gotten to grow that lovely autumnal shaded version yet...