Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Hungry and Feed-Me

On Friday, we found a monarch egg on a leaf of milkweed vine in our yard, so we brought it in. Last year, we found a monarch caterpillar, but he was nearly full grown when we started taking care of him. Our egg hatched on Sunday morning!

teeny tiny

Then on Monday, Samuel found first another egg and then a new hatchling. The egg didn't hatch, and it accidentally got smushed so I think it's a lost cause. But we have two baby caterpillars now. You can see how much they grow in one day - the smaller one is only a day behind the bigger one!

two baby caterpillars

Samuel has been getting them fresh leaves every day, but I had to caution him to check first to make sure that he doesn't bring in anymore eggs or caterpillars - two is enough!

Oh, and he named the little one "Hungry" and the bigger one "Feed-Me". Pretty apt, as all they do is eat!


Anonymous said...

Wow! what a flurry of posting you have been doing....how fun! Keep letting us know about the caterpillars...I'm going to show the kids tomorrow!

sarah and the gang

KerryK said...

I checked out your blog from the "4real" board. We've been collecting monarch caterpillars all week! We have 4 this year. We find them every year and have never been disappointed with this project!