Thursday, August 28, 2008

chyrsalises or chrysalii?

Well, whatever it is, we have three of them. The first two formed on Monday, and the third one today.

First, we noticed Hungry and Feed-Me making their silk attachments. Feed-Me chose one of the lovely sticks we provided:

we discovered our caterpillars getting ready to make their chrysalises... chrysalii???

Hungry apparently was not as pleased with the selection and opted to make his on the side of the bowl:

first they make a little silk connector - this one on the glass bowl!

Then they each attached their back "feet" to the silk and hung:


We missed the transformation of Feed-Me and found him like this:

we missed the transformation of this one

But, we were able to watch Hungry shed his skin! At first, we thought he looked a bit unwell:

noticed this guy looking a little funny

Kind of bloated:

kind of bloated

But then, as his body pulsated and squirmed, his skin began to slip away:

and then the skin started to peel away!he wriggled and squirmedmore wrigglingmore squirmingsquirmwrigglenow that the skin is off, it twists and wiggles all around to get it to drop off

After the skin was all the way off, the new pupa began to thrash and twist all around to get the old skin to fall away from the silk:

now that the skin is off, it twists and wiggles all around to get it to drop offtwistthrashwiggle, wigglefree at last!

We missed the transformation of the third today. He at least had enough sense to choose a stick instead of the bowl! Their chysalises/ii are so beautiful - they have metallic gold accents that are just amazing! I haven't been able to get a good picture yet, but hopefully soon.

We are looking forward to having three beautiful butterflies!

One more picture - here is Samuel with one of them a couple of days before the transformation:

almost there!


Jennifer said...

How fun and what great pictures. I wish we could find one. So great to watch.

Jennifer said...

Awesome photos! Glad you're sharing them.