Thursday, July 31, 2008

When you're an artist...

...the world is your canvas. Including:

when you're an artist...
your hamburger bun.

Samuel also made his own WALL-E out of paper and cardboard after we saw the movie. Talk about keeping with the spirit of the movie - making your own toys out of recycled materials!

a recycled WALL-E a recycled WALL-E

He's also been making lots of sea turtles this week.

sea turtles everywhere!

I told him that since he was so interested, we could get some sea turtle books from the library, only to discover when I was cleaning up around the house that we bought him one a month ago when we were at a used book store in Virginia.

perfect timing!

So, now we are all set!

His artistry has extended to his hair lately. After his shower, he likes to get it all combed down in a particular way. When we were at my parents', he told my mom that he had it all fixed, but that after he put his shirt on, it got messed up and he had to "reconfigure it." So, I was surprised when he woke up looking like this today:

nice hair

and decided to leave it that way!

So, that's life around here this week! Now that we will finally be home for a while, unlike the rest of this crazy summer, I'll hopefully get back to blogging. Just for you, Sarah. :)


Leonie said...

Very creative!

Sarah said...

Loved it!

see you soon!

xxxooo sarah and crew