Thursday, January 10, 2008

ah, co-sleeping

Disclaimer: this just happened to come up right before bedtime tonight, and is not meant to throw fuel on the AP debate fire in any way. It was so funny that I have left my family in bed to run into the next room and blog it, which probably isn't very AP since my son doesn't like falling asleep without me, and.... yep, he just got up to come in here and ask what on earth I am doing and when I am coming back to bed.

Anyway, dh has been plagued by bad dreams ever since I have known him. Not the being-chased-down-a-long-hallway-by-icky-monsters kind, but just finding himself in stressful situations. The result is that he is rarely well-rested. We were talking about how we need to make more of an effort to pray before bed for the blessing of restful sleep (which you'd think we'd have figured out a long time ago, and we have thought of it, but never made it a habit since we're always too tired at bedtime to remember it!) Dh joked, in light of the AP discussion, "It's all because my mom didn't do extended breastfeeding." We laughed, and then I said, "Actually, I have seen research that says children who co-sleep have less nightmares." We asked Samuel if he ever had bad dreams, and he told us that he has only had one (which we knew about) in his whole life. Now, that's impressive, to have had only one bad dream ever in almost 7 years. Especially when I remember how many bad dreams I had by the time I was his age. There was the one where I went into our living room to find a swingset, only to discover a lion under it. Oh, and the one where our next-door neighbor was a witch and chased me because she wanted to eat me with her breakfast cereal. (Really.)

Oh, right, I said this would be a funny post. (It's late.) Anyway, after confirming Samuel's lack of nightmares, dh told him that he must have a lot of funny dreams instead, because we often find him laughing in his sleep. Samuel replied, "I must be telling jokes or something. Ooh, or drinking beer!"

(And, no, we have never let him have beer. However, he is convinced that it must be wickedly good, or daddy would let him have some.)


Emily said...

I can't say that my kids have nightmares, either.... but my three year old fights in her sleep all night long.
"Mine!" she will scream at two in the morning.
"It's mine, I was playing with it first!"
This is usually followed through with a punch or two. Ouch.
Everyone ELSE in our family has peaceful nights, though (besides the puncher and the punched).

Susan said...

This is my first time reading your blog and I laughed so hard at this post. My son is only three but he always tells about his dreams when he wakes up--at least that's where we assume he is getting inspiration for the monologue after nap. Usually he's talking to Jesus, but sometimes he wakes up crying.

Anyway, I'm commenting to tell you a funny story: our son gets physical therapy and once, in the middle of a session, he said, "Mommy, get me a cigarette." We don't smoke. No one we know smokes. Don't know where it came from. Kids get the strangest ideas!