Wednesday, August 15, 2007

wonders big and small

Samuel is officially an astronomer. You can be too, if you go here, learn to classify galaxies, and then help real scientists to categorize a million galaxies! Samuel breezed through the tutorial, aced the test, and then started classifying. After a few minutes, he said something like, "Am I really doing this?" It had hit him that he was really being a scientist, and doing real scientific work. "Yes," I told him. "Yes, you are!"

On the smaller side of things, he found a monarch caterpillar in our yard, perched on a morning glory that had sprouted up in the middle of the grass. Everything that I read said that they only eat milkweed, but nothing that I found said that morning glory is a type of milkweed. And yet, there he was, munching away. Since we don't have any milkweed that I know of, we continued to feed him morning glory after we brought him inside. Samuel named him Peter. After a few days, we came back from church to find a chrysalis, and almost two weeks later, we woke up to a butterfly. We've seen a monarch hanging around our butterfly bush since Peter was released, and of course Samuel is sure it's Peter, coming back to say hello!

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Jennifer Castro said...

Thank you for the link! I really enjoyed your blog. (found through Catholic Mothers Online) We homeschool too and great websites are always wonderful to find.