Monday, May 07, 2007


So, my husband has posted to his blog 4 times in the past few days, whereas I have not posted since the beginning of April. Something is awry! ;) I have to restore the balance! Here's what's been happening:

laundry detergent works great! I have also been impressed with the Fels Naptha soap as a stain remover - just scrub the bar onto dampened clothes. It took out tomato sauce from my son's khakis!

We put out a thistle feeder and have been getting lots of goldfinches. And today I saw an indigo bunting for the first time - but did not get a picture. :(

Nine goldfinches! two male goldfinches

Dh has made the front yard lovely with flowers and I have completely neglected the veggie garden out back - the usual state of things. :-/ Here is our whiskey barrel, which Samuel is in charge of this year:

Samuel's flowers

Samuel had his first T-ball practice tonight! He had a lot of fun. He practiced in the backyard for a bit this afternoon. Of course, while playing catch with me, he managed to get whacked in the nose with the ball. I did not throw it hard, I promise!!! And I didn't even throw it right at his face, it was off to the side a bit!!! But he still managed to step into it. Oh, well. Happens to everyone at some point, right? I know it sure did to me. He had a great time hitting the ball and running the bases tonight. And now he needs a bath!


Marie said...

Glad to hear that soap works for you. I read your April post about it and was inspired to try it, just haven't yet.

so now I'll be doubly inspired :)

Beate said...

Hi Tracy - I've wanted to make my own laundry det. for quite a while. I found the Borax and washing soda, and finally ordered the soap today after reading your blog :-) Thanks!