Monday, February 26, 2007

Maybe I should have given up donuts for Lent

While lying in bed...

SAMUEL: Mama, roll back the other way!

ME: But I'm more comfortable this way.

SAMUEL: But I need you to be my pillow!

ME: You have a pillow right there.

SAMUEL: But you're fluffier.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

What a mess.

Okay, while checking to see if my Tabblo posted ok (it didn't, at least not the first time) I realized that I have a whole mess of broken links and whatnot over there in the sidebar. If anyone is even still reading this sadly neglected blog, you have my apologies! I'll try to clean things up around here sometime soon. Of course, I am trying to minimize my computer time during Lent, so "soon" might equal "May".

It's all melting away...

All the snow we got last week, that is. Now it is almost warm outside! Thought I'd share the little photo collage I made over at Tabblo. I just discovered Tabblo, and it is a lot of fun. My new addiction... :)

Tabblo: February Snow