Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Ma'am, do you know how fast you were driving?

It used to be, reading our van's speedometer was a simple two-step process.

First, take the average of the numbers the needle is wavering between. If it's bouncing between 35 and 45, the number is 40. If it's bouncing between 45 and 65, the number is 55.

Second, take the number from Step 1 and apply the following formula:

If the number is between 0 and 30, the number is your speed (or close enough).

If the number is between 35 and 55, subtract 5 to get your approximate speed.

If the number is between 60 and 75, subtract 7 or 8 to get your approximate speed.

If the number is over 75, subtract 10 or more to get your approximate speed.

We developed the formula with a GPS device, and while cumbersome at first, we got used to it. Now, however, we have to adapt to a new system.

If your actual speed is 0-30, the speedometer reads "0".

If your actual speed is 35-55, the speedometer reads "0".

If your actual speed is 60-75, the speedometer reads "0".

I presume that you could drive 93 mph and the speedometer would still read zero, but I haven't tried it. At least, I think I haven't.

I think I liked the old system better.


Theresa said...

Hilarious!And who really needs to know how fast they are going, anyways? Right?

Kristin said...

HA! Oh, this brings back memories... I had an old boyfriend with this huge red boat of a car and not only did the speedometer read 0 at whatever speed, but you simply could not see anything out the windshield when it rained (wipers operational or not) and he had no money so the gas tank was always hovering at E. I asked him how he knew what speed he was going and the answer was "he just knew." I don't think I fully appreciated that I was risking my life every time I rode with him. But he never was pulled over for speeding! You'll get there too, I guess!

Anna said...

Thats why you just follow the car in front of you right? :)
Hope you get it sorted out :)

Valerie said...

Oh dear! Well, at least you don't have to do that complicated calculation anymore! Yikes!!


Rebecca said...

LOL! Thanks for making me smile. My dad had a car like that when I was very little.