Wednesday, August 09, 2006

"Woman priests"

Just about every day for the last several weeks, I have read yet another article about yet another woman who thinks she has been ordained a Roman Catholic priest. I say "thinks she has been" because, of course, there is no more sacramental reality to these "ordinations" than there is when my son plays Mass and pretends to consecrate orange juice and tortilla chips. What on earth makes these women think they can define what a 2,000 year old institution with over a billion members believes? And the press has been pretty consistently reporting it as if these women are legitimate members of the Church who are being legitimately ordained. As if. I'm sorry, but if you don't believe what the Catholic Church teaches, then, um, you're not a practicing Catholic. You don't see meat-eaters walking around calling themselves vegan, do you? (Don't get me started on "Catholics" for Choice...) For the record:

The Church is not refusing to ordain women because She doesn't want to. It's because She can't. The sacrament of Holy Orders simply cannot be conferred on a woman.

The Church is not sexist. The most highly honored person besides the members of the Holy Trinity is Mary.

Jesus didn't choose not to ordain women just because of "the times". Priestesses were common then, and he clearly didn't have any problems hanging out with women, going against custom, or offending people. He chose men because only a man can be in persona christi.

Others have written about this far more elegantly than I, and there are much more deep theological truths to be explored if you really want to understand the issue. I recommend reading this article from Catholic Answers if you want to know more, or use the Catholic Blog Search over there in the sidebar.


Theresa said...

Absolutely correct!Well said!

Moneybags said...


In Ordinatio Sacerdotalis, Pope John Paul ll forever closed the door on women's ordination. I hope people start accepting it!