Wednesday, August 09, 2006


We've been busy lately, so apologies for the absence of blogging. Here's a synopsis of what we've been up to:

- Our bestest friends moved back to the area, so we've been playing at their house.

- We bought Samuel a loft bed, and have been cleaning out all the junk (4 years' worth) that has been accumulating in that room since we moved into this house. (When asked if he intends to sleep in his new bed, Samuel said, "Maybe when I'm older." LOL) I would love to post a picture, but we are out of camera batteries. I have already missed several good photo ops, too! Better send dh a message to pick up some double As, stat!

- Catching up on house cleaning and laundry. And trying to declutter so that both of these tasks are more efficient. Honestly, I have no idea how my house gets so messy. I think part of it is that there are certain things that inevitably get messed up within about a nanosecond of me cleaning/straightening them. Like the couch cushions. Samuel is constantly rearranging, building with, bouncing on, and flinging about the cushions. Which I am fine with, except that with a relatively big couch in a little room, when the cushions are in a disarray, the whole room seems messy. And that there are things like this everywhere, so that the whole house always seems messy, whether it really is (and don't get me wrong, sometimes it really is) or not. Major reorganization needed here...

- Trying not to go insane from the wailing of the pipes. For some inexplicable reason, our pipes (specifically, the cold water pipe to the shower) started making this horrid wailing sound a couple of days ago, and continues to do so on and off. It will do it for HOURS and it sounds like a beluga in labor. (Or so I would imagine, not having been privvy to the birth of any whales.)

- Baking another pie with my sister. We've been in a pie mood lately. Okay, I am always in a pie mood, and I've just dragged her along with me. Although I've discovered that she isn't the best accomplice in pie-making, because her sugar-and-cinnamon application technique to the leftover pie crust scraps is sorely lacking. We'll have to do some practice drills this weekend when we bake our next pie.

So, that's been our busy life, which is always busy, and will continue to be busy, just in new and exciting ways. Stay tuned.

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