Tuesday, August 15, 2006


So, here's what we did over the weekend, besides NOT buying new batteries for the camera. We went with my parents to the Scott AFB Air Show, featuring the Thunderbirds. It was Samuel's first air show (how he got to the age of five without seeing an air show is beyond me) and he thought the show was great. The only thing he didn't like was the noise. Several times, we were distracted by some of the planes, only to have another one sneak up on us and go screaming over our heads. Samuel does not like that kind of noise unless he is the one making it. (Thankfully he has not yet replicated the sound of a jet engine.)

We actually got to see the show twice - once at the airfield, and once from my parents' front yard. They live so close that we could still see a lot of the show the next day. Ever since then, Samuel has been putting on a lot of air shows with his souvenir planes.

The next day, Shawn was trying to get Samuel to guess what he was thinking of and giving him clues. One of the clues was, "It was too loud." I was trying to encourage Samuel to think of the air show, and asked "What was too loud recently?" He thought for a moment and replied, "Me?"

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