Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Theme Shelf: Bugs

Hey, now that my camera's working, I can post a picture of the theme shelf I mentioned here.

From left to right (roughly): Honeybee book, bug-eye looking glass, bug-catching tongs, tessellating beetles, bug net, magnifying glass, and Bugs book. And, hovering in background, bees that once adorned Samuel's beehive cake when we had a bug birthday party.
I can't believe we only have two books on bugs. How on earth is that possible? Anyway, I think the display is pretty cute, and Samuel has been using all of the materials, so I am excited to keep this going. Now I have to pick a theme for next time. Maybe birds, since it is migration season. I don't know if I have too many bird-specific books either, other than my field guide, so I will have to get some things from the library. And, I want at least a couple of non-book items, too, so maybe a pair of binoculars? I'll have to come up with a few things. I REALLY want these and these, thanks to this post, but I'll put them on Samuel's Christmas list and survive without them in the meantime... somehow.


Anna said...

That is a really cute idea!!

Amy said...

I like your shelf!

Aren't those magnets cool?? That is a good thing to put on the ol' wish list, though. :)