Wednesday, August 23, 2006


Oh yeah, this is a homeschooling blog, remember? While overhauling our house, I've cleared a few spaces that seemed just perfect for strewing. I ended up with an empty bookshelf (which is nothing short of a miracle in this house) in the living room, so decided to display some themed materials there. I selected some books on insects, bug catching nets and tongs, a magnifying glass, a dead bee in an observation jar that we've had forever, and some plastic beetles that fit together to make different tessellations. Samuel has already been using pretty much everything on the shelf, except for a book he hasn't read before (he's very resistant to reading something new lately, despite the fact that I can't think of a single book he hasn't liked) so I definitely plan to keep using the shelf this way. I am looking forward to putting out some fall-themed materials. Did I mention that autumn is my favorite season?

Also, inspired by this post at Among Women, I decided to give fridgeschooling a try. I didn't put too much up, since Samuel can't read very much, but I have a letter, some shapes, and a habit (saying please and thank you) and a virtue (patience) to work on. I haven't made a big deal about it, as I want to see if he will take the initiative to explore the new fridge features on his own. So far, he's noticed, but hasn't said much about it, so we will see.

BTW, the overhauling? Well, I already mentioned that I took 4 years' worth of junk out of what is now Samuel's room. (Although we still call it the Sparrow Room. It was originally the "spare room", but Samuel misunderstood and called it the Sparrow Room all the time, and we like that better. Hey, the loft is like his bird's nest!) In addition to that, we are clearing another 4 years' of junk out of the basement, which is finally being fixed up to be a family room. In the past, junk that needed to be moved from the basement went to the Sparrow Room, and junk that needed to be cleared from the Sparrow Room went into the basement. It involved a lot of stair-climbing, but was otherwise a great system. Now all the junk is in the guest room, and while we are not planning on having overnight guests any time soon, it's always good to be prepared, and at the moment I am not sure if there is even still a bed in there under all the junk. So, I have my work cut out for me. Which means I should not be sitting here blogging. Or maybe I should say, which is why I'm sitting here blogging.

Okay, okay, I'm going. Sheesh.


Valerie said...

Neat idea with the shelf! Will have to adapt that to our house!

Well, s'pose I should go be productive as well... sigh... ;-)

Amy said...

Good luck with the de-junking! I love the term "The Sparrow Room". So cute!