Wednesday, August 30, 2006

I've been tagged!

By A Catholic Mom in Hawaii! Yes, the Homeschooling Meme has finally made its way around to me. Well, since we're unschool-y and I'm, um, lazy, we really haven't invested in too much curriculum. Also because my son is only five. So some of these will be tough to answer. (In fact, as I watched this meme make the rounds, I thought, "Hey, it's good that no one has tagged me because I have no idea what my answers would be..." Got me, Esther!

1) ONE HOMESCHOOLING BOOK YOU HAVE ENJOYED - Okay, this will probably be my most shocking answer of all - I don't think I've ever read a book on homeschooling. Okay, now that you've regained consciousness, put a cool cloth on your forehead and elevated your feet, I will tell you that while homeschooling philosophies interest me, I've mostly gleaned from websites and discussion groups so far. But I would like to read Maria Montessori, Charlotte Mason, John Holt, John Taylor Gatto (oh, I actually did read a couple of chapters of one of his books!), and a few others. I think the most valuable information I've gotten so far has been from good parenting books that taught me about how children develop and learn, and encouraged me to trust my child.

2) ONE RESOURCE YOU COULDN’T BE WITHOUT - Is it cheating to just say books? Lots and lots of books? And a library card? Because if I had to pick ONE thing not to be without, that would be it.

3) ONE RESOURCE YOU WISH YOU HAD NEVER BOUGHT - I've hardly bought anything. So nothing to regret yet.

4) ONE RESOURCE YOU ENJOYED LAST YEAR - Well, this is fairly recent, but Samuel has really gotten a lot out of these fraction circles.

5) ONE RESOURCE YOU WILL BE USING NEXT YEAR - We got some cuisenaire rods that we haven't really explored yet, but I think they will be a great resource.

6) ONE RESOURCE YOU WOULD LIKE TO BUY - Jennifer just informed me of the existence of the Identiflyer. I WANT ONE!!!

7) ONE RESOURCE YOU WISH EXISTED - I forget which blogger answered this way, but I'm going to steal it, because they read my thoughts exactly: free trips to anywhere! How awesomely educational would it be to go spend a week in Egypt? Or Africa? Or anywhere that has a beach? (Okay, that last one wasn't really for educational purposes so much as because I love the beach and I live in Illinois.)

8) ONE HOMESCHOOLING CATALOGUE YOU ENJOY READING - Well, I've only browsed Catholic Heritage, but I like it quite a bit. I'm all about flexibility.

9) ONE HOMESCHOOLING WEBSITE YOU USE REGULARLY - 4Real Learning Forums - I mostly lurk, but love the info.

10) TAG FIVE OTHER HOMESCHOOLERS - I have completely lost track of who has and has not been tagged. If you haven't done this yet, you're tagged!

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