Tuesday, August 15, 2006


Arg, we were gone all weekend, and then celebrated our seventh wedding anniversary yesterday, and I have not had time to blog today, and the result is that I have about 17 blog entries stored up in my head. We'll see how many I get to tonight. Before I dive in, I'll post this article that dh sent me.

"If you want to fail at homeschooling..." by Kimberly Hahn

I really like it, although I don't entirely agree with #12, being an unschooler and all. However, I have been thinking that even we could benefit from a more regular schedule, so we will see if we can accomplish that in the months to come. (Hey, more regular schedule=more regular blogging time for me! Now there's some motivation!)


Esther said...

Happy Anniversary Tracy! Hope you both had a wonderful day together.
God bless,

Jennifer said...

Happy Anniverary! I am praying you have many more lovely years together.