Thursday, August 24, 2006

camera is back in business

Okay, so we bought batteries a while ago, I just kept forgetting to put them in. But that has been remedied, so...

Here is Samuel completely zonked after we had friends over to play today. He was playing outside and I came upstairs for a bit. I heard him come in, and then a while later realized the house was silent. When I came looking for him, there he was passed out on the floor.

Next exhibit: Samuel's new loft bed.

loft Samuel wants to paint his room dark blue to match the darker blue stripe in his rug. When I told him that would be awfully dark, he said, "Yes, I want it to be like a cave." He even wants to paint the ceiling. I am not painting the ceiling dark blue! But I am considering letting him make the final choice of wall color. I am worried though that he will change his mind and want a different color soon - and it will be really hard to repaint a dark blue wall! On the other hand, it is his room... what would you do?


Elizabeth said...

Not only is it hard to repaint a dark blue wall, it's hard to paint it the first time. BTDT! Only, I let my son do it--at first. He was fourteen when he attempted it and we had to bail him out bigtime. It was a blue mess! IN the end, he ended up with one blue wall and three red ones (equally hard to paint). Four years later, it still looks decent but I'd never do it again.

Kristina's World said...

Our kitchen is the color of your blog. I was surprised when my husband painted it that color, but I do like it. It certainly isn't boring.

Rebecca said...

I painted my sons' bedroom that blue (same as your blog). They really like it a lot and their furniture is of a similar stain as your son's bed. It looks very nice.