Wednesday, July 12, 2006

unschooling on wheels

So, I mentioned that we are leaving for Virginia tomorrow. It is a 12-hour drive if you don't stop. We have a 5-year-old boy whom any doctor would be happy to stuff with Ritalin after spending 2 minutes in the same room with him. If you do the math, you will see that we will be lucky to arrive by early next week, and that we will be even luckier to arrive with our sanity. So, say a little prayer for us, and see if you can add to my List Of Distractions-So-That-Samuel-Won't-Notice-That-We-Are-Not-There-Yet-And-He-Is-Hungry-Again-And-His-Legs-Hurt-And-When-He-Tries-To-Sleep-His-Head-Flops-Everywhere-And-Makes-His-Neck-Hurt-And-We-Are-Still-In-The-Car-And-He-Wants-OUT-And-He-Has-To-Go-Potty-And-The-Next-Exit-Is-Not-For-Another-17-Miles-And-OH-NO-Is-The-Traffic-Backed-Up-Again-Why-Does-Every-State-From-Here-To-Virginia-Have-To-Do-Road-Construction-On-Every-Major-Highway-In-July-And-No-We-Are-Still-Not-There-It's-Not-Even-Lunchtime-Yet. Um, henceforth, known simply as The List:

1. A map of our route, with a little magnetic marker so that he can chart our progress and see for himself that WE ARE NOT THERE YET.

2. Jim Weiss storytelling CDs. Haven't listened to these yet, but we got King Arthur, Arabian Nights, and Greek Myths.

3. Various other CDs: Shel Silverstein, Sandra Boynton's Philadelphia Chickens, Veggie Tales.

4. Some small toys for the car which will inevitably be dropped between his car seat and the door where I cannot retrieve them until we get through the road construction to that rest stop in 17 miles.

5. Art supplies so we can draw what we see.

I'm tapped. Help me out here and see what you can add to The List. Oh, and I should mention that the return trip will be made without dh, who will be going directly to Steubenville, OH to take a class for his Master's degree, and that we will be riding with my parents and sister instead. Yes, a 12-hour trip with my son and my father, who doesn't stop unless we need to refuel. The car, that is. We eat while we drive, of course. *sob* We will have a DVD player on the way home, but of course I'd rather not use it, being the natural parenting snob that I am. Maybe it doesn't count if I bring something educational, like March of the Penguins. Yeah, I think we'll be empathizing with those penguins right around when we hit Kentucky. If we make it that far.


Valerie said...

Some things you might add to The List... crayons or markers, Scissors and paper, or just paper to tear, try tearing it into certain shapes, or just in half over and over.. or beading stuff, strings and shapes, or macaroni, or other tubular pasta, interactive books(lift flap/wheel/pull down), magnets, sing along songs, children's card games, play 'I spy'... Maybe that that will get you through an extra 10 minutes ... maybe?? :-D Good luck, have a safe happy trip!!


jennifer said...

Check the site How to unschool in the car!