Monday, June 26, 2006

wiki wiki wiki

That's a fun word! What, you didn't know it's a word? Me neither, until I read it on Melissa Wiley's blog. (Is she the expert of what's happening on the internet or what?) Anyway, a wiki is a website that anyone can edit. You know, like wikipedia. Well, there is a new wiki in town, one devoted to homeschooling. It's called Know Homeschooling. And, you can add your homeschool blog to their directory. And, you can win $500 for contributing! So get on over there!


Scott W. Somerville said...

Did you put your blog up there yet?

Tracy said...

Yes, I think I managed to get it up there! I even added a bit of content here and there, too. Such fun!

Esther said...

BTW, in Hawaiian, wiki means quick.