Wednesday, June 21, 2006

On the farm

Last weekend, we trekked up north with Grandma and Grandpa to visit dh's family in Wisconsin. We got there LATE Friday night, and left Sunday afternoon, but we sure did pack a lot into that visit! We stayed with Shawn's Aunt Jacqueline and Uncle Roger, and cousins Britney, Tyler, and Brandon. On Saturday, we all went to visit Uncle Terry and Aunt Jackie and see their new house and dairy farm. Here is Samuel with one of the calves.

We also visited with Shawn's grandparents, and got a tour of their workspaces. Great-Grandpa has a huge woodworking room (2, actually) where he makes the most beautiful furniture, cabinets, toys, etc. Shawn is so jealous. Great-Grandma has 2 rooms dedicated to her quilting. The house they are in used to be a duplex, and in what used to be the other kitchen, she has her sewing room. Can you imagine a whole kitchen, with cabinets and counters, all just for sewing? And, if that weren't enough, she has another whole room for her gigantic quilting machine. I am so jealous.

After that we headed over to Uncle Tony's, where we got a tour of their farm for rescued llamas. The llamas all answer to their names and are quite friendly, although they were a little skittish about all the kids. They also have a couple of goats, a miniature pig, and a chinchilla.

Then it was over to Uncle Tom and Aunt Helen's where we saw another menagerie. They have guinea hens, peacocks (traditional and white), a goose, quail, turkeys, emus, donkeys, Scottish highland cows, rabbits, hares, potbellied pigs, goats, and horses. And I'm probably forgetting a few. While we were there, we saw a bald eagle circling over some distant trees, which was very cool. I got a picture of it, and if you zoom the picture to the point that it is getting grainy, you can see that it is indeed a bald eagle. (Did I mention they were distant trees?) Then, back at Roger and Jacqueline's, we saw another bald eagle eating dinner in a field.

On Sunday after church, we went out on 4-wheelers for a bit. Samuel was very unsure about riding them, but once we convinced him to try it, he didn't want to get off. After a couple trips around the hay field on 4-wheelers, Roger took the kids for a ride on the hay wagon behind the tractor. Samuel had a blast with his second cousins, and did not want to leave! We will have to make the trip up there more often.

Here are all the kids with a 2-week-old Sicilian donkey. To see the rest of the pictures from our trip, go to my Flickr page here.

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