Friday, June 09, 2006

Final Planting!

No, my marigolds don't look this good. That's a stock.xchng photo. My marigolds look pretty bad at the moment... but they are in the ground, marking the last of my spring planting. Probably my last until next year, unless I get ambitious and decide to do a fall planting. I always intend to, but am usually so fed up with my garden by that point that the only thing I want to do with it is throw rocks at it. However, this year things seem to be growing better. Maybe this year will be the year, the year when the cost we put into the garden will finally be justified by the bounty we shall harvest from it. As the summer is still young, I will try not to get my hopes up. There is still plenty of time for weeds, Japanese beetles, rabbits, and overgrown tomatoes to destroy the beauty that is now my vegetable garden. But for now, it is peace and tranquility. Unless those marigolds don't perk up. Then somebody better fetch me a rock.


Valerie said...

So are marigolds supposed to keep pests away? At least the buzzing kind? Seems like I remember something like that from child hood.... Though I could be completely wrong too LOL


Tracy said...

Actually, I don't know that they are all that helpful for insects (although I could be wrong). I have read that they deter bunnies, though. I am trying to keep my sugar snap peas safe! Besides, I just love marigolds and like flowers in my veggie garden. :)