Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Comments from Samuel

We went to a going-away party for a priest (dh's boss) who will be leaving us to go teach at a seminary. Samuel was not quite finished with his pbj sandwich and I told him he'd have to leave it in the car, to which he replied, "But peanut butter and jelly sandwiches make a funner party."


Dh went to bed before we did last night, and when Samuel was ready to hit the hay, he went to the bedroom, came back and complained, "Daddy is taking up a little of his part, and a little of your part, and all of my part!"


Samuel scooted over to snuggle by me when we woke up today, and after a few minutes asked, "Do we have to get up now?" I told him yes, that we should get up and have breakfast. He sighed and said, "Bummer."

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Valerie said...

LOL Cute!! Love the 'Bummer' one!