Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Augustine on my side

Here's an interesting quiz. (H/T: Lapaz Farm Home Learning) Discover which philosopher you agree most strongly with. My top 2 were not a huge surprise. And I admit that while I'd heard of 14 of the 19 philosophers listed, I am not really familiar with the works of more than a few of them. But, at least now if one comes up in conversation, I know if I agree with them. Ockham? Why yes, he does have some interesting ideas, doesn't he? That Thomas Hobbes, though - what on earth was he thinking? Did his mother drop him on his head as a baby? He certainly had a tenuous grasp of reality at best.

Your Results:
1. St. Augustine (100%)
2. Aquinas (88%)

3. Ockham (73%)
4. Kant (67%)
5. Plato (67%)
6. Spinoza (61%)
7. Aristotle (53%)
8. John Stuart Mill (51%)
9. Prescriptivism (46%)
10. Jeremy Bentham (38%)
11. Nel Noddings (38%)
12. David Hume (36%)
13. Ayn Rand (31%)
14. Cynics (25%)
15. Stoics (25%)
16. Jean-Paul Sartre (23%)
17. Nietzsche (18%)
18. Epicureans (12%)
19. Thomas Hobbes (0%)

The results are scored on a curve. The highest score, 100, represents the closest philosophical match to your reponses. This is not to say that you and the philosopher are in total agreement. However this is a philosophy that you may want to study further.

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