Wednesday, April 05, 2006


We have two new family members: a pair of guinea pigs (aka cavies) named Star and Rose. Samuel got them for his birthday. They are tons of fun! They talk to each other all the time, and are getting quite tame. And they provided Samuel the opportunity to do some mental math. Today he observed that if we had 5 guinea pigs, we'd need 3 cages, since you can fit two in the size cage we have. Division with a remainder!

Shawn got Samuel a little chess board and taught him to play tonight. He caught on to how the pieces move pretty quickly. Shawn let him win the first game, and now Samuel is anxious to play again. I have a feeling that he'll be pretty good at chess - his mind seems to work that way.

He also got a baseball bat and tee for his birthday, which he really enjoys. I think it helps that daddy's been fetching the balls for him and he can just swing away. :)

Samuel and I went out on the bike trail today, and came back for our first strawberry yogurt smoothie of the season. . . mmmm. . . spring is here! I cannot wait until the Farmers' Market opens!

Well, he is ready for bed, and just asked me to "un-inside-out" his jammies, which always end up inside-out when he takes them off. I need to get to bed too, signing off for now-

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