Monday, April 17, 2006


Some of our neighbors recently had their lawns chemically treated. These neighbors always have lawns that are a pristine expanse of perfectly groomed green grass, with nary a weed in sight. Compare that to our lawn, which is overrun with violets in the front and dandelions in the back, and probably only gets mowed once every two weeks. Sometimes I wonder if the neighbors are annoyed by our lackadaisical approash to lawn care. Then, a few days ago, as Samuel and I were driving down the road, he cried out, "LOOK!!! Dandelions!" Yep, he had spied the first dandelions. And was SO excited! Why on earth would I want to get rid of them? After thinking about it, I decided I like our weeds. They add some color to our otherwise boring yard. Dandelions are pretty when they are yellow, delightful to blow when they are white and fuzzy, and good to eat (both leaves and flowers!) as long as you don't spray your yard, which we obviously don't! The guinea pigs like the leaves, as we have discovered, and they are also great for salads. The yellow flowers can be battered and fried or just eaten raw. We have also used the violets from the front yard to make pretty purple violet ice cream. (Hmm, maybe we'll try that again soon... they are starting to bloom!) So, to heck with what the neighbors think! We like our weeds!

He is risen!

He is risen indeed!

Happy Easter! We had a wonderful Triduum. I just love Triduum at St. John's. It is so beautiful and moving. Samuel really got into it this year, too. He liked watching the washing of feet on Holy Thursday, and we talked about how we were celebrating the institution of the Eucharist and the priesthood. Then on Good Friday, we went to Stations of the Cross at noon, performed on the U of I quad. He was really fascinated by that, and I think it helped him to understand the Stations a little better. I look forward to the day he is old enough to watch Mel Gibson's The Passion, as he is very interested in the Stations of the Cross, and the Sorrowful Mysteries of the Rosary. The Liturgy of the Lord's Passion was a little long for him (he got pretty bored with the chanting of the Passion) but he liked watching the veneration of the cross, although he was too shy to do it himself. And, then, the culmination of Holy Week: the Easter Vigil. It was glorious! He loved the Easter fire, and really listened to at least the first 3 readings (not bad, considering that there are 7 Old Testament readings, an Epistle, and then the Gospel!) and watched the 2 catechumens receive baptism and the 26 candidates receive confirmation. He spent the last part stretched out in the pew half-asleep, but considering that the Vigil was 3 1/2 hours long, I'd say he did very well. :) His favorite part was the reception afterward, where he got to eat two bowls of Honey Nut Cheerios (hey, it was morning by then) and a cookie.

Cavy update: they are growing like crazy! They are getting more tame and friendly, and it's fun to watch them play. Their cage had gotten kind of icky as we didn't have time to clean it out during the Holy Week craziness, so I got it all cleaned out last night and gave them fresh wood shavings. They were so excited, they ran and jumped and played and kicked wood shavings out all over the floor. Now I just need to do the equivalent to Samuel's playroom. It is a MESS - and we just went and bought a bunch of shelves so that we have places to put everything. I have a feeling Samuel's reaction will be much like the guinea pigs when he sees his nice clean playroom: run, play, and make a new mess. :)

Wednesday, April 05, 2006


We have two new family members: a pair of guinea pigs (aka cavies) named Star and Rose. Samuel got them for his birthday. They are tons of fun! They talk to each other all the time, and are getting quite tame. And they provided Samuel the opportunity to do some mental math. Today he observed that if we had 5 guinea pigs, we'd need 3 cages, since you can fit two in the size cage we have. Division with a remainder!

Shawn got Samuel a little chess board and taught him to play tonight. He caught on to how the pieces move pretty quickly. Shawn let him win the first game, and now Samuel is anxious to play again. I have a feeling that he'll be pretty good at chess - his mind seems to work that way.

He also got a baseball bat and tee for his birthday, which he really enjoys. I think it helps that daddy's been fetching the balls for him and he can just swing away. :)

Samuel and I went out on the bike trail today, and came back for our first strawberry yogurt smoothie of the season. . . mmmm. . . spring is here! I cannot wait until the Farmers' Market opens!

Well, he is ready for bed, and just asked me to "un-inside-out" his jammies, which always end up inside-out when he takes them off. I need to get to bed too, signing off for now-