Thursday, March 30, 2006

Yes, I'm still here

Boy, I have REALLY been lazy about blogging, haven't I? Been a busy couple of weeks around here. And I have TONS of work to do: spring cleaning, decluttering, gardening... it is finally gardening weather! It was 70 degrees today, and you should have seen Samuel cavorting in the front yard wearing shorts and sandals. Of course, today would have been a beautiful day for gardening, but instead I have to clean the house for my parents who are visiting this weekend for Samuel's 5th birthday. And instead of actually cleaning, I've been IM'ing with my sister. And now I'm blogging. Yes I AM the Queen of Procrastination.

Samuel's reading skills have been improving the past couple of weeks. He has been asking how to spell and read lots of words, and is taking a lot more initiative to figure things out on his own. This was just what I was hoping for, and what in theory I knew would happen with unschooling, but it has been very affirming to see it. Now I feel like I could tell my parents about unschooling, since I will have some evidence to say, "See, it's working!" I have a feeling that they are still not going to take it well at all. But, hey, once it's out there, I can tell them about the existence of my blog! (Which was originally at least partially for their benefit anyway.)

On our walk today, Samuel found a curved stick and said it was his "bowen" - yes, he meant "bow" as in "bow and arrow"... I guess he always heard "bow and arrow" as "bowen arrow" and he does NOT believe me when I tell him it's not a bowen!

We have settled on a small family party for this weekend, and a bigger friend party in a few weeks when the weather will hopefully be more reliable and we can have it in the backyard. Samuel wants to have a "messy party", which we read about in Mothering magazine. We will have several stations of messy play, and the kids can just go wild. We'll also have a hose, and lots of towels!

Well, off to get some work done!

Wednesday, March 15, 2006


I just posted my blog address to my high school ten-year reunion site. Shameless self-promotion, I know. :) If anyone from OTHS comes by for a visit, please leave a comment!

So, I have taken a page from my sister's book and become a lazy slacker when it comes to blogging. (That's one way to see if she's reading my blog!) Remember how like a month ago I posted that I was sick? Well, I feel much better - but I STILL cannot stop coughing! This is getting ridiculous!

Our Lent is going pretty well. I have already managed to get behind on reading the Lenten In Conversation With God prayer book, but will hopefully get caught up today. Hey, at least I made it farther this year than I did in previous years! A few days into Lent, Samuel asked for a book about Lent, so we went to our local Catholic bookstore and got him the little St. Joseph books on Lent and the Way of the Cross. They are very well done, and he has enjoyed reading them a lot. My only complaint is that the Way of the Cross book has the "fifteenth" Station of the Cross, the resurrection. I can't stand when people add things like that. So, I just quit reading after the Fourteenth Station. :)

Today is officially 21 days post-pox exposure. So, apparently Samuel isn't getting it. We may try to re-expose soon, as it is still going around here. We will just have to make sure that he isn't sick for his birthday party, whenever we end up having it. Still working on that one. I feel weird having a big party during Lent, plus he wants to invite a ton of people who will NOT all fit into our house so I'd like to have the party outside - but the weather is still a bit dodgy at the beginning of April. So hopefully he will be okay with postponing the festivities a little bit.

Off to get some work done!