Thursday, February 16, 2006

"When are you going to start school?"

I have been noticing so many little changes in Samuel now that I have stopped fretting about not "teaching" him enough, and just observed what he's learning on his own. I already wrote about his growing interest in reading and writing. He's also been more interested in numbers since we did that calendar. I think I'd like to get him an abacus. Maybe the one on this page, called Summarum? We have the pedagogical clock on the same page, I just need to put batteries in it and get started and I'm sure that will be a great benefit too. He is also getting interested in telling time, so I think it's "time" for that too. Hee hee!

I've really been impressed with his artwork lately too. He's showing great attention to detail, and amazing imagination. Today he drew the inside of a carnotaur's mouth - what it would look like if you were looking into it as it was about to bite you! I'm not sure where he got the idea for that perspective, but it looks great! He is also fascinated with bones, and drew a picture of Yoda, and then a picture of Yoda's hand bones (with 2 fingers) and a picture of Yoda's skull. I need to get him a good bone book - maybe this one. I have got to figure out how to upload pics onto this thing!!! Ooh, and dh is going to buy us a new printer/scanner/copier/fax soon, so then I can scan in Samuel's artwork.

So, there were two main reasons I started this blog. The first was for me to keep a homeschool record, and also to help keep me accountable. I'm more likely to strew if a few days go by and I realize I have nothing to report on my blog. The second reason was for distant friends and family to keep up-to-date on the goings-on in our house if they so desire. . . one minor problem, though: I'm afraid to tell my family about the blog because then they'll know we're unschooling! Oops. I know it will be one more thing for them to add to the "Ways Tracy is Crazy" list that I'm sure is already miles long. I'm sure it will come up eventually, I'm just hoping that they won't realize the full extent of our lack of curriculum until Samuel is already reading or something like that so that I can say, "But look! He's already doing this with no curriculum!"

Both sets of grandparents, and some friends, are now asking questions like, "When are you going to start school?" "Are you starting kindergarden soon?" "What curriculum are you using?" etc. now that Samuel is almost five and officially kindergarden age. I'm just going to tell them we started school a long time ago - like when he was born! He's been learning ever since, at a fantastic rate, and I have no intention of impeding his progress with curriculums.

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