Monday, February 20, 2006

Welcome to Sign Land

Samuel is labelling everything. EVERYTHING. He is drawing pictures of rooms and objects, having Shawn or I write in a label ("bedroom", "computer room", "lamp", "fan", etc.), and then taping it onto the appropriate object or door. I am actually impressed at how detailed and accurate his drawings are, many without him looking at what he's drawing. He also drew a picture of a face yesterday that I was totally impressed with. It was supposed to be someone (specifically, daddy) worrying about something, and while he drew it with a minimum of detail, he angled the lines of the eyes and mouth just right, so I knew exactly what he was trying to convey. He is also starting to draw face shapes that actually look like faces, with cheekbones and jawbones and chins, rather than lopsided circles. I also like how many different perspectives that he draws things from. I am realizing more and more how non-artistic and creative I was as a child (and still am!) because he draws things I would never think of, and in ways I would never think of.

He got so carried away with making signs for everything that he made a sign with a picture of a sign and asked me to label it "Sign Land".

In other news, we have possibly been exposed to chicken pox, and are going to a pox party on Wednesday just to make sure. Bring on the spots!

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