Monday, February 27, 2006


No pox yet. Still hoping that they will start to appear soon. Samuel is entering the possibly contagious period, so we are going to have to lay low until we know whether he is infected or not. At least he was still able to go to his art class on Friday since everyone there was already exposed anyway. They did Klee-style one line drawing - where you take a marker and draw one big swirly line that crosses itself many times, and then color in all the spaces with watercolors. Samuel really enjoyed that, and has done many one line drawings since then. The other project they did was a Matisse-style paper collage. Some of the paper was Christmas wrapping paper, though, and Samuel was more interested in making a Santa-and-penguin picture than making bold color statements. Oh, well.

We also went and saw the movie Hoodwinked on Saturday, after our NFP class. It was great! Very clean, unlike some other recent "kids'" movies I could mention, and very funny. Auntie Tara told us that Twitchy the squirrel was reminiscent of Samuel, and she was right!

We are preparing for Lent. We are giving up TV as a family, and then we'll each give up something individually. Last year, Samuel gave up one of his Thomas trains. He's going to do the same this year, along with his T-Rex mask. Dh and I were also talking about selecting one virtue to work on in particular during Lent. We have a Lenten cross (like an Advent calendar) that we could do, too. . . but probably won't, as I don't think I have enough candles, and we always forget to light them (and Advent candles) anyway! I think instead I will do a Lenten paper chain, with a link for each day that Samuel can tear off. Now to find purple paper. . .

I also need to get started on our garden! It is nice and warm today and should be that way for the next couple of days, so hopefully I will have a chance to get out and clear out all the beds so that when we are ready to plant in a few weeks that will already be done. I need to see what seeds I should already be starting indoors. . . I'm probably already behind on some things. I am determined to do a better job gardening this year - we always start well, but when the weather gets hot, I get less enthusiastic about weeding, and then when we go on vacation, we always come back to a mess. This year, I plan to rip out a large area of irises and plant strawberries and asparagus instead. I am NOT looking forward to pulling out all those bulbs - there must be hundreds of them! Well, all the more reason for me to quit blogging and go get to work!

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